Derry Girls Lacrosse Club (DGLC) is a non-profit corporation organized by volunteers to provide the youth girls of Derry and surrounding eligible communities with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of lacrosse.

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Girls Protective Gear
Required equipment for girls / women’s lacrosse:

  • Eyemask 
  • Lacrosse Stick 
  • Mouthguard (cannot be clear)

Recommended but not required:

  • Cleats

The Goalkeeper's Equipment:
The goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask (NOCSAE approved), separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouth piece, and chest protector. The goalkeeper may wear padding on arms, legs, and shoulders, which does not excessively increase the size of those body parts. High school level and below must wear padding on thighs and shins. Youth level must wear some form of abdominal and pelvic protection.

Goalies are required to wear padded gloves.

Equipment / Uniform Costs:

  • Eyemask (start at $25)
  • Lacrosse Stick (youth start at $30 and can exceed $100)
  • Mouthguard (range from $2 to $30)
  • Astros Game Skirt ($0 returned after season)
  • Astros Game Jerseys ($0 returned after season)
  • Astros Headband (optional $15 or $12.95 depending on style)
  • Astros Socks (optional $15)
  • Astros Shorts (optional $15)